Märked Podcast 054 Dima Kachan

Märked Podcast 054 Dima Kachan

Märked Podcast 054 Dima Kachan

Today we welcome the founder of Somasutra – one of the biggest queer techno parties in Minsk, Belarus. Dima Kachan was born there but is currently based in Warsaw in Poland.

His early days in music were marked by hardcore and punk, but eventually Dima got fascinated by electronic music. Becoming an evangelist for the scene is what follows, helping develop the local scene. The beauty is found in this entrepreneurial spirit to build things that serve the community, which we’d gladly provide a platform to.

Now Dima’s music is fast above all. The podcast is characterised by a sharp pace from the start sitting at the 148 BPM region. A diverse selection of style is showcased, working up from percussion-driven techno and building into expressive pieces of groove to a sweeping 4×4 punishing.

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