Märked Podcast 053 Rain

Märked Podcast 053 Rain

As Rain says it beautifully: modern apocalyptic techno not for the faint of heart.

Rain (Aleksandr) is a veteran in the scene, began playing techno in the late nineties. From this passion promo group Art Of Music was launched in Saint-Petersburg together with Krankiss: organising various hard techno parties was a success.

Later the birth of several other electronic live projects followed, such as Mental Distortion and Kamennoe More. 2012 had him leave Russia for Assia, where he currently resides in Vietnam.

The modern apocalyptic approach previously mentioned you find in the atmosphere and sub styles within the techno in his track selection. Often from offbeat to breakbeat, accompanied by steel clashes and robotic power thrusts.

Aphex Twin – D-Scape [Warp]
NN – Unborn Relic (NXN)
Scalameriya – Kiti Kimera [Perc Trax]
Selective Response – Prison of Flesh [Crisis Of Man]
Sekulahr – Hidden [UN Label Corp]
Predation – Bore (Replicative Edit) [Synthetic Pleasures]
Ratio Strain – Filth (Remixed by Lexx) [SquareWav]
Keepsakes – Club Rats [South London Analogue Material]
EKORS – Menthol [Flesh Or Die]
JoeFarr – Don’t You Want Me [Hydraulix]
Darzack & Mmork – Inflorescence [Airfono]
Mind | Matter – Le Serment Profane [Liber Null Berlin]
Nite Fleit & Umwelt – The Hellgramite Method [New Flesh]
Lesser Of – I Want You To Silence [Subverted]
SSTROM – Kiln [Voam]
C-System – Taebkaerb [Glioblastoma]
Pierre Berge-Cia – Nu Gag (She!k Remix) [Revok]
Exael – Ghoul Search (Demonic Attachment Mix) [3XL]
DJ Ogi – Technical Break [Techno Factory]
Makornik – WTTFJ [Wrongnotes]
Homva – Ftuca [HOMVA]
Cocktail Party Effect – Fix-It [In Silent Series]
BLUSH RESPONSE – Entering The Light Tomb [Hound]
Axel Karakasis – That Fusion (Electric Rescue Remix) [Unknown Territory]
Unhuman + Surit – Recreation Room [Megastructure_]
Atom™ – Hartcode [Raster]
Seven Orbits – Ravevv101 [SVBKVLT]
Rommek – Gamma Ray [Leyla]
Dostroic – Killer [Foredoom]
EL Joven Prisionero – Agitate [Pole]
Oscar Mulero – Spirit Train [Token]
Blawan – My Guide to Dancing on Carpet [Ternesc]
Víctor Santana – Solar Probes [Subsist]
Noiztatic – Devourer of The Dead [Borders Of Known]
6SISS – Nihilism [Subsist]
Stephen Hummel – Vicious Circle [Self-released]
Vohkinne – New Earth [[R]3volution]
Riotbot – Misterious Reprise [Red Section]
Caustic Window – AFX 114 [Rephlex]
INSECT – The Vicious Kind That Crush and Kill [Regression]
Nemrac – Lwa [ISSXII]
CRØWN – Chronomaly (Dorian Knox Remix) [Airsound]
Syndromania – Araña Vascular [Oaks]
Fret – Fuss [Resonance]
Sciahri & Desroi – In Mirrors [Semantica]
_GODO – Misdemeanor [Fever]
Daniel Myer – Atomic Winter (Outtake) [Self-released]
Prequel Tapes – Sink Space [Veyl]
Swarm Intelligence – Offworld [Syncretism]
Pattrn – Oshosi [Kvltö]