Märked Podcast Art 048 Ømen

Märked Podcast 048 Ømen

Knowing nowadays’ French and Italy techno scene, you can’t go wrong with having been impacted by these techno powerhouses of countries. Ømen lives in London, but has roots in both France and Italy, is co-founder and resident at the London-based techno night and label MASS.

Having followed his sound for some time, Ømen’s sound is very similar to what can be heard in the folders of Märked discography. Raw and aggressive undertones with contrasting melodies and a touch of melancholy, oftentimes with hard kicks and driving basslines.

In these 60 minutes, he explores the fast lane starting at 152 BPM, working through different layers of acid, dreamy trips and groovy club graters. Play this set at the later after hours or in the gym to get up to speed.

Joey Risdon – TRCDTZ
NIEM & KAI – Razor
NTBR – Himiko
SWART – Nostalgia
SZG-Sweet Fluffy Taste
SveTec, Sepromatiq – Lost In The Time
Bad Boy Pete x ÉRROT – A R T Antifa Resistance Tekno
Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy ( Hyden Schranz Edit )
SARELL – Acid On The Floor
ALT8 – Rise Of The Humanmind
VIVAY – GROOM (HRD.303 remix )
Push – Universal Nation (1luu Edit)
19.85 – Beyond Lightspeed There Is Only Darkness
Kevin Wesp – Anxiety
WNDRLST – End Credits
CLTX – You Only Live Once
David LaFhionntain – No Reason To Be Disturbed
Nobody – Infinite Space