Märked Podcast 045 GFX

Märked Podcast 045 GFX

Märked Podcast 045 GFX

GFX, a perfectly fine guy who was born in Spain. Currently, he lives in London, or in Geneva, or both at the same time? While that’s physically not possible, his music does cross borders. His passion has made him land releases on labels such as MHz in Korea and MOTZ in Berlin to Insane Industry in Italy.

He goes by the name of Alejandro (20), who fell in love with techno in 2012. With this genre, he travels and escapes from reality, freeing himself from the ordinary routine.

Now referring to the mix, it was a while ago that I heard a mix that reminded me very close to what a fired-up club night sounds like at 5 am in the morning. Indispensable and high-paced tracks, continuously pumping out the goods of the rhythm, woven together with compelling mixing techniques. Yes, it’s a must-check!

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