Image Märked Podcast 043 Genetica

Märked Podcast 043 Genetica

Rising talent from the eastern side of Europe, Ukraine. In this world of 60 minutes by Genetica, there is no space for the slightest of holding back.

Most notably is her feature on the Boiler Room series. Can one say that this is among the podcast series you strive to land on in an artist’s career? I think so.

Furthermore, she had one of her releases appear on one of Ukrainian’s most interesting labels Standard Deviation, among the likes of master of eclectic groove D.Dan.

Gliding into the mix, Genetica weaves together high-energy tracks, combining the electric, the acid, and the gnarly hits ‘n stabs. At this pace and drive one simply does not sit still.

Enjoy and let us know what you think in the SoundCloud comments.