Art Märked Podcast 036 BRÄLLE

Märked Podcast 036 BRÄLLE

The man BRÄLLE is back with an intense 100-minute pounder podcast. It is not often that we have someone from the States over on the label, which is a refreshing thing (actually we never had someone from the States).

His musicality doesn’t come as a surprise. Fun fact is that he is not just someone, but one of the original founders and vocalists of the band Fallujah in 2007, who seemingly have toured with big death metal bands.

After having exited the band in 2017, Alex now makes big waves in the techno domain. The boldness heard in his previous death metal creations isn’t heard back as much (a few tracks aside), but a large scale of talented musical variety plays the overtone.

From spaced out to acidic, from extremely rhythmic and groovy to pure listening-techno. You find all of these styles in his release history.

Now moving on to the mix, Alex said to have recorded the heaviest mix he has ever made. We’d like to confirm that.