Märked Podcast 033 CYNKT

Märked Podcast 033 CYNKT

Märked Podcast 033 CYNKT

Of all young Dutch talent, we consider CYNKT to be among one of the guys to keep an eye on. Respected artists like Paula Temple, Perc and Rebekah have been playing his music out.

Here’s a bit of background info: 5 years of working with techno music, of which 2 only ‘playing’, got him to a point where he started making his own tracks, with inspiration drawn from Dax J, Kobosil and Stranger for example. We hear he not only draws inspiration from these big names, but also blends in other styles like 90s, EBM, trance- and hardcore-induced techno.

In the mix you find high-energy techno tracks fired at a minimum of 140 beats per minute. Diving into different themes of groove and more abrasive electronic.

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